With Marco de Goeij

My collaboration with Marco de Goeij started in the beginning of 2015. He composed and dedicated to me his first guitar work ‘Sonata’ of which I did the world premiere on April 8th 2017 at the Evertshuis, Bodegraven, The Netherlands.

Since then Marco has been making new arrangements for guitar, such as ‘Cinq Mélodies Populaires Grecques‘ by Maurice Ravel.

Marco and me at the Evertshuis, Bodegraven, The Netherlands

Duo Beyond Limits

Duo Beyond Limits is my collaboration with the Dutch trumpeter Theo Hartman and it exists since October 2017.

Our goal and ambition is to explore the repertoire of different styles and epochs for this not so common combination of instruments.

Moreover, composers from different countries have started to write new music for us, such as the Australian composer Meredith Connie with the piece ‘Blue Salsa’, for which we are planning to make the world premiere. Also the Greek composer Kostas Grigoreas re-composed for us his piece ‘Angelic Variations’.

Duo Beyond Limits

With Nancy Kroon

In 2018 the Dutch painter Nancy Kroon invited me to an artistic collaboration with her, by sharing our inspirations and form a concept, Metamorphosis in Art, for her exhibitions, which are based on Greek mythology.

With Nancy Kroon at Mee in Zee Atelier, The Hague, The Netherlands
A portrait of me playing the guitar, by Nancy Kroon

With Gia van de Akker

With the eurythmic dancer Gia van de Akker I collaborated by giving performances together in The Netherlands and in Germany.

Our intention is to involve the classical guitar with the eurythmic world.

With Gia van de Akker at the Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands